Demonstration in Araxa

The demonstration which was carried out by anarchosyndidcalists from COB-AIT in Araxa was one of the biggest actions in this city. United and determined not to back down an inch, the comrades continue the struggle, rejecting the proposal of the local authorities to make a truce.

The local authorities presented a chart of prices for services. On January 28 they will receive a list of demands concerning the immediate improvement of the standard of living for residents of the city.

The union section of COB Araxa that if the demands concerning the improvement of conditions for workers at the Vera Cruz company, the public transport provider,  and an immediate lowering of the price of transport are not met, it will organize even bigger protest actions.

The anarcho-syndicalists are in favour of the collectivization of public transport and so that it serves the public interest and not the interests of firms at the cost of the local working class. The struggle continues and on Monday January 28 they will gather at 10AM in front of the Prefecture to present the demands. In order to gain these demands, the anarchosyndicalists plan to go onto the streets again.

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