Support for the March 29 General Strike called by the CNTE

The ZSP-IWA declares its active support for the general strike called by the CNT-AIT.

We support the stance of this union, which rejects the labor reform and any negotiations over rights already won, calling instead for new struggles of the working class against the assaults of capitalism.

For the CNT, the strike of March 29 should be just the beginning of a process of increasing and sustained mobilization, The ZSP-AIT also understands that a one-day strike is not enough to maintain the pressure against the capitalists' assaults, thus we call on workers to increase their struggle and not to give it over to the unions which may negotiate away their power.

We call for the internationalization of this strike and increased global resistance against the worldwide attacks against the working class.

In Poland, we will strike and protest ourselves, sending a message to the working class and to the mainstream unions, which have been the life-support system for our exploiters for years, that there is an alternative to the supplicant politics of the union leaders.

For an indefinite, international general strike!
Don't wait – get organized and take action NOW!

Long live anarchosyndicalism and the IWA!

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