IWA-AIT 90th anniversary conference - January 2013

International Workers' Association
90th anniversary conference
5-6 January 2013, London
Revolutionary workers from across the world will gather in London for two days at the start of January 2013 to mark the 90th anniversary of the founding of the International Workers Association - based on the principles of revolutionary unionism, which signified the emergence of anarcho-syndicalism into the global labour movement.
Revolutionary unions in the IWA act as organisational forces in the daily lives of the working class, organising workplace and community resistance, and constantly linking this to the need to overthrow the double yoke of capital and the state. We aim not to reform the state: instead we are seeking the overthrow of capitalism and for it to be replaced by a self-managed libertarian communist society.
The first of the two days will look at the beginnings of the IWA at the start of the 20th century and focus on the history of sections from across the world, closing with a discussion on the re-emergence of the international following the wave of repression and war in the middle of the century. Members of various sections will give presentations and hold panels on the final day before an open discussion on anarcho-syndicalism today and perspectives and challenge from everyday practice.

School of Oriental & African Sciences (SOAS)
PROPOSED PROGRAM (subject to change)
Saturday 5 January 2013
12:00 – 14:00 The Beginnings of the IWA
A history of the founding of the IWA, its growth and the crisis of the 30s and 40s.  Examines the IWA as an alternative to Bolshevism and the influence of political parties, the problems of international organization in the period, the lesser-known sections of the IWA and the IWA outside of Europe. Also issues related to the CNT crisis of the thirties and divisions over some questions of organization and tactics. Includes issues that are not too well known and rarely discussed.
Presented by Laure Akai, ZSP-IWA.
14:00-16:00: History of the FORA-AIT
The FORA, The Regional Workers' Federation of Argentina is one of the oldest sections of the IWA, with a history of more than 110 years and its one particular Workers' Anarchism. The talk will look at this history and discussio FORISM, the differences with anarcho-syndicalism and revolutionary syndicalism and with specific anarchist organization.
Presented  by Guillermo Zunzunegui, activist of IWA.
16:15-17:00 100 years of USI-AIT
17:00-18:00  Re-emergence of the IWA
History and discussion. Lead by L. Akai.
Sunday 6 January 2013
Social struggles and the Work of IWA Sections in Recent Years.
Presentations and panel with members of various IWA Sections.
12:00-15:30  Workers protests in Argentina, 2001 and the current work of FORA AIT.
Beginnings of anarcho-syndicalist movements in Eastern Europe and the practical work of IWA sections today.
Post-Soviet anarcho-syndicalism, KRAS and the situation in Russia.
The work of Priama Akcia, Slovakia.
ZSP, Ideas and Actions.
Presentation about the recent work of other IWA Sections.
16:00 – 18:00
Open discussion. Anarchosyndicalism here and now - Perspectives and challenges in everyday practice


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