Protest of PA-Bratislava in support of ZSP member fired from Roche Polska

On 10th October a court hearing in the case of the ZSP member illegally fired from the pharmaceutical concern Roche took place. We already paid visit to the Slovak branch of Roche on 29th March 2012 and promised that if there wasn't any progress in the case of our comrade, we would return. This protest action took place on 10th October. We also sent protest fax messages to the company headquarters in Switzerland and to the branch in Poland. The court was adjourned due to the illness of the judge and the date of the next hearing has not been set yet, but we are prepared to pay a visit to the Slovak branch of Roche again.

Protest action in Bratislava

We handed over the protest letter and expressed our disapproval with the illegal dismissal of our comrade and with the work conditions in the company. Roche forces some of its “employees” to work as self-employed so the company doesn’t have to pay social and health insurance. (We also pointed out that this could happen in the Slovak branch as well.) These so-called self-employed workers don’t have other benefits as well, for example paid vacation, sick leave, maternity leave, but in reality they work as much as employees employed on normal contract.

Jakub’s case is important not only individually but also collectively because in the case of victory it would be an important precedence about the fictitious self-employed workers.
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