Members of FAU's Western Region Support Mobilisations of CNT, CGT and Solidaridad Obrera

On June 8, 2012, members of FAU Düsseldorf, Dortmund and Solingen visited the Spanish general consulate. We went there with members of Occupy Düsseldorf, which celebrated their Occupy-Düsseldorf Days and who were happy to come with us as they have strong bonds to the Occupy movement in Spain.

Just in time at 1 o'clock pm, around 50 militants arrived in front of the Spanish general consulate. Besides two speeches in German, there was a contribution in Spanish and a young tourist travelling through Europe played on his violin. At the beginning, there was only one police car. After 15 minutes, more police arrived. In our impression, they tried to be more than us.

When the number of police forces had been equal to us, they asked for the leadership of the gathering. A member of FAUD took over this position and had to listen to odd arguments. The police wasn't sure about our right to demonstrate in front of the general consulate. While the police discussed the situation and asked their chief how to continue, we did also discuss the situation.
As all speehes had been held and more actions were planned, we decided to wait for the police decision on our right to demonstrate.
After 20 minutes of discussion with us, the police proposed that we change to the other side of the four-tracked, high trafficked road, so that we may continue with our constitutional right to demonstrate over there. We left the place, as we had other things to do. That's how it went.

FAU Düsseldorf

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