Solidarity with the EULEN-ABB Strike in Cordoba

ADECCO Temp Agency Sends Strikebreakers

34 workers of the service management company, EULEN, which for years has been working for the  machine manufacturer ABB in Cordoba, have been on indefinite strike since November 28, 2011 for equal pay.  Although they do the same activities as their peers, they only received the minimum wage and they have fewer benefits.
ABB has now terminated its contract with EULEN and hired cheap temporary workers as scabs of EUROCEN / ADECCOEULEN has dismissed the members of the strike committee and all trade unionists among the strikers. In Spain, the strikers are supported by the CNT and CGT unions.

FAU responded to the call of the CNT to carry out solidarity actions, for example with a pickets in front of the ADECCO offices in Frankfurt on Kaiserstrasse. This was accompanied by a protest letter demanding that ADECCO  ensure that the scabs at ABB be removed immediately and the workers in Cordoba  be reinstated with the conditions they are demanding.

While the staff and "customers" of ADECCO reacted quite positively, we were greeted by a woman who apparently held some management position, who called us hacks. She wanted to call the police to get them to remove us. But  at -10 degrees and they probably had something better to do. 

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