Solidarity from Valladolid with the ABB strikers in Cordoba

About  40 militants from the CNT Valladolid carried out an action at the ADECCO, peacefully occupying its office in the Fuente Dorada Sq., hanging a banner from its balcony. This action was part of the international day of struggle called by the IWA.

11 people were ID-ed by the local police who observed the peaceful protest action in solidarity with the 34 families who are fighting for their workplaces in Cordoba. 
The local federation of unions of the CNT Valladolid made it clear that if this situation is not resolved, it will return and take more actions against this temporary work agency.

As a response to the call of the IWA, workers solidarity is been evident in Valladolid, throughout the country and all of Europe.

The workers provide services for ABB, working with logistic and crane operating. The majority of them have been doing this for 15 years straight, through other companies and temporary work agencies like EULEN and ADECCO. 
The workers have been striking for over 2 months to maintain their workplaces. The IWA called on its member unions to make protest actions at the offices of ADECCO, ABB and EULEN throughout  Europe.

Through the struggles against the arbitrary dismissals, for the application of the proper collective agreement and for compliance with health and safety norms, the workers decided to mobilize for labor stability, which was put in danger with every change of contract, demanding that ABB recognize their working relation or at least to establish the obligation to subrogate the workers. The refusal of ABB to negotiate these points provoked the indefinite strike which paralized the factory. 
ABB has tried to impede the right to strike, locking out the strike committee and practicing internal and external strikebreaking. They decided to get rid of the staff by rescinding the contract with EULEN and using EUROCEN, part of the ADECCO group. 
Since the first of January, ADECCO has been using scabs, without training and badly paid, to substitute the strikers. In addition to launching a process full of secrecy and disregard for the rights of workers, refusing any kind of dialogue with the workers. 

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