Demonstration in solidarity with the EULEN-ABB strike goes through the city center

Some 300 people demonstrated through the city center in soldiarity with the workers on strike for more than 60 days in the conflict with the multinationals ABB, ADECCO and EULEN, in defense of their workplaces.

On Monday the 6th of February, there will be a case in the Labour Court  nº1 in Cordoba about the violation of the right to strike against ABB, S.A., EUROCEN (ADECCO) and EULEN, with the aim of protecting the strike to strike and acting against the substitution of the strikers with personnel from EUROCEN (ADECCO).

The Strike Committee have filed six suits during the strike which were joined in this procedure. On the 10th of February there will be a settlement process in the Center of Mediation and Arbitration  in Cordoba.

The workers are hoping to ensure their rights which they consider to have been violated since the beginning of the conflict. They will hold an assembly on Monday afternoon to decide on the next mobilizations.

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