Protest against the Closure of Visteon Cadiz Electronica

Last Saturday the 13th, the CNT Jerez organized a rally in solidarity with workers from Cadiz Electronica, which is dependent on the Visteon-Ford multinational. We would like to remind peole that on June 23, the company announced it would shut the factory in the Tecnobahia Industrial Park, located in El Puerto de Santa María.
About 15 comrades protested for almost an hour, handing out about 800 leaflets to passersby and explaining about the conflict on the megaphone. Throughout the protest, there were about 9 members of the national police “escorting” us. Nothing unexpected happened to us. Almost all the police were in solidarity, which shows the influence that the Visteon-Ford multinational has amongst our rulers. 
On Friday, August 19, the same day as the international day of struggle against the closure of the plant called by the IWA, which the CNT is part of, we will have another protest, expecting more people this time. Struggle and solidarity are the only ways we can change the plans of our eternal class enemy, the bosses ………. See you at the protest!

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