[Barcelona] Striking Workers from the Department of Territory Dismissed

Last Monday June 27, the workers from the Division of Infrastructure Management (AGI) of the Department of Territory and Sustainability who are outsourced by the companies Serikat and Cast-Info were told that they were dismissed. The CNT union of the AGI had called a strike for June 20 -  28 to protest the illegal subcontracting of workers in the  Department.

Six months ago the CNT filed a lawsuit against the Department of Territory for the illegal assignment of workers and initiated a union campaign to demand that authorities take a clear position. Far from meeting the just demands of workers, the Department has chosen hard-line union repression.

On June 6,  subcontracted employers affiliated with the CNT were transferred from their workplaces without altering their functions. This was a breach of the conditions of the contract in what was clearly an attempt to mask the reality of what is going on in the AGI. This action led to the aforementioned strike called by our local union.

Now the Department has decided to cross all red lines, through the dismissal of workers from Serikat and Cast-Info, whether they were strikers or not, without even waiting for the conclusion of the strike. This crude maneuver of trade union repression and violation of the right to strike is a clear recognition of the "dangerousness" of the complaint made by our union, which is not scared by these practices and is more determined than ever to continue the fight against outsourcing and  the illegal assignment of workers.

Under the management of the public CTTI, the Department of Territory outsources the maintenance of the infrastructure to a company which in turn is limited to using workers from other companies in the sector. This has enabled the illegal transfer of workers through different companies involved to form a chain of subcontractors, pocketing a significant amount of public resources. In addition to being a violation of the rights of workers, particularly severe in the case of the Generalitat, this practice of outsourcing and the illegal transfer of workers is a serious waste of public money that ends up in the coffers of companies that do not have any function other than hiring workers. Specifically, the AGI tender was won by the company with the highest offer (€ 2,195,907), with an annual cost of € 81,329 per worker, a figure which some workers do not receive a quarter of while the subcontracting firms share the difference.

For all these reasons, the CNT demands the immediate reinstatement of all dismissed workers and warned the management of the Department, that they will not silence the struggle of the workers in our union with repression and that with this kind of provocation all they will achieve is that we  intensify our campaign and our actions.

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