OTTO Wants to Change Contracts in Wago-Elwag

Following our question to OTTO Workforce about the situation of other workers in Wago-Elwag factory, OTTO said that it would pay them all the difference between what they were paid and what was in the contract. The workers were guaranteed a regular wage per hour, based on a standard work week but instead were paid for production.

Realizing this problem, OTTO would like to change the workers contracts... so that they are for production. In other words, after signing up to work under one set of conditions, the company would like to change them for less favourable ones.

Workers do not have to agree to this, but since this is a temp agency, they can simply get rid of you with a few days notice, or refuse to extend your contract for no reason. But such things are not acceptable. The only way to fight it is through organization. So now the workers have to decide - do they accept this type of treatment, or do they do something to fight for their better working conditions?


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