The CNT is Calling a Strike in the Association of Municipalities of Bajo Guadalquivir

The union will protest in front of the Department of Employment in Seville to protest non-payment of salaries in the Association

The CNT union has called a strike in the Vocational Training Center of the Association of Municipalities of Bajo Guadalquivir, which includes the municipalities of Los Palacios, Utrera, El Coronil, Los Molares, Las Cabezas, Lebrija, Trebujena, El Cuervo, Sanlúcar, Chipiona and Rota. The strike will take place on Thursday, July 28th and will last from 8:00 until 15:00. That same day CNT will protest in front of the Department of Employment in Sevilla, on Avenida Argentina at 11:00.

The objectives of the strike are:

- To denounce the non-payment of wages in the Vocational Training Centers in the Associations. Workers haven't received their salaries in months.

- To get a job security clause for dismissals which were declared inadmissible, so the worker can always exercise the option to be reinstated to the job

- Adapting working conditions to the existing security measures.

Given the dramatic situation of the workers, many of whom are parents, the CNT has been forced to take drastic measures. The management of the Association is at fault for all of this. Under its mismanagement the entity has incurred a debt of millions and is threatening to cease payments. Also, the mayors of the municipalities in the Association are complicit, because for years they have looked the other way while they squandered millions of the citizens' taxes. And the are still doing so.

It seems that the Association has to be dismantled and workers go on strike. The CNT  will fight to keep jobs and to defend our rights.

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