[Barakaldo] Evaluation of the Strike in Mediapost

After a year and a half of cuts since the takeover by Mediapost, application of an inferior convention, a wage freeze, reduction and elimination of outstanding leave, and all the silence of the works council, the CNT decided after two months of protests to call a strike on June 28- 30, coinciding with the negotiations in Madrid, having three goals and many reasons.

The first was to publicize the cuts that had already occurred here in Barakaldo, the second to report what they want with the new enterprise agreement and the third to pressure both the company and those who negotiate on our behalf, so that the measures would not be against the interests of the workers.
We believe that thanks to the solidarity of the CNT, which made protests in major cities where Mediapost has its headquarters (Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Murcia, Alicante, Valencia, Barakaldo) some of the objectives of the strike have already been fulfilled .

Despite the statement against the strike that the council a few days before it, the pressure received by those on strike or that would ne, the strike got support and greater involvement in the Left Bank, especially in towns like Santurtzi and Barakaldo where practically every dealer was on strike, in other areas dealers were also on strike, as well in Bilbao, in the center and the neighborhoods of the Right Bank.

The strike, which lasted from 6:45 to 20:00 was accompanied by about 15 actions such as pickets, caravans of cars, rallies and acts of solidarity across the peninsula. Acts where the trade union branch felt the warmth of the CNT's solidarity.

We can say that the ongoing strike and mobilization have demonstrated the capacity that a good number of workers together, ready to defend their rights and their future, can have.

Now through informational picketing more workers are better informed of their rights. Also people throughout the country are beginning to find out what the reality is about the work in Mediapost.

We comrades will continue to fight until our rights are respected and a dignified solution is reached.

Until they respect our rights, the CNT will fight!


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