Union Repression in the Department of Territory and Sustainability

Since late December 2010 when we formed the union section of AGI* in the Department of Territory and Sustainability**, we have carried out various activities in defense of our rights.

(*Area of Management of Infrastructure) (** in Barcelona, Spain)

And although some voices within the Department accused us of demanding our rights with unreasonable actions, the reality is quite different. The fact is that all we've done so far has been distributing pamphlets informing the conflict, gathered with some banners and flags, and submitted several documents to the registry of the department itself. Clearly these actions have been "cordial" since at no time were we seeking a confrontation, but a resolution to the conflict through dialogue.

The Department remains fully aware of and complicit in all the irregularities which we have been pointing out. We were treated with amazing indifference, silence being their main answer. But the Department had today, June 6, 2011,  breached the line of "cordiality" we maintained. Just one hour before the end of our workday, in an apparent act of union busting, we were told that we should leave the building of the Department and, as of June 7, 2011, we had to serve from other locations. (One comrade in the office of Cast-Info and the other 2 in IECISA facilities).

This action has only been made against employees of the 2 companies who have taken legal action for the illegal assignment of workers and have made claims because our salaries are lower than in the collective agreement, because we are forced to work overtime without respecting the breaks, and, finally, who have claimed their rights guaranteed by the law. They will not allow us access to our job.
Due to these latest moves by the Department, the local union announced that it will defend itself using the measures it deems appropriate.


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