Strike Called in the Department of Territory and Sustainability

The management of the Department are very mistaken if they believe that acting the way they are, we are going to be intimidated. Nothing could be further from reality; they have only managed to strengthen the principles that led us to start fighting for our rights six months ago. 

During this time, the department has acted in bad faith. They have rejected all the requests we made, they have prohibited us from using the union bulletin board and Department facilities for making meetings, they have hidden public information, in summary, they have ignored us completely! But at no time have we given up. We have responded, but always maintaining a relatively cordial atmosphere. 
Such a climate of cordiality was broken last on June 6, when the Department requested that staff of Serikat and Cast-Info leave what had been our workplace. Such a transfer means a significant worsening of the working conditions under which they were hired and a clear breach of the conditions.

We consider this attitude to be another example of how uncomfortable the presence of a union like the CNT is to the Department, with its interest in condemning all irregularities.

Therefore, at  the assembly on June 14, we declared a strike from June 20-28. Our demands are:

* A return to the conditions prior to June 6th.
* Full compliance with the collective agreement.
* Subrogation for all the staff of L'Area Gestió d'Infrastructures.
* Implementation of the necessary control mechanisms to ensure the labor rights of external staff.

* A public audit of IT expenses in the Department.

We take this opportunity to remind all the bosses, their "buddies" and other officials of the Department, that we know they read our blog every day, that we left the door wide open to further action to enforce our rights and they will not stop us.



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