Atento against the freedom of expression and thought

A few days after the formation of the CNT union in  Atento in Madrid, fascist views have emerged and there has been repression against its delegate, Suso, both by the company and members of the union bureaucracy. Perhaps what hurts some is the presence of real anarchosyndicalism and fear the company and others have of the courage and determination of a CNT which fights, showing its strength through direct action (picket on April 25 to denounce the workplace harassment against an anarchist comrade in the Barcelona 061-Emergency Service).3 days ago a company official urged comrade Suso to remove stickers from his work station. There was no resistance by the comrade, but he also reminded the person responsible that the same conditions are for everybody, because in most of the work stations we typically see calendars, mouse pads, etc. of the union bureaucracy and even the flags of Spain,  which exploits these people for  €900 euros a month and fires then when they please.  The company's argument was the visit of one of its customers (Iberia) on Monday the 30 and clearly they are pained by seeing the initials CNT.
Today was already enough, even though our comrade took down everything but a calendar, but at the other work stations there were still things posted glorifying the unions and the national flag.  When the CNT delegate arrive to work, he found his work place all messed up, the calendar removed and the supervisor waiting there to tell him it was removed by the firm.  Immediately our comrade replied that this same standard should be applied to all and not just the CNT. So by the end of the day, there were no flags of this sad country either. There was some feeling of anger  but as our colleague Suso said, if the company takes restrictive action, is should apply equally.

Atento, a company with substantial profits, a subsidiary of another one which good dividends (Telefónica), has destroyed more than half of its workforce in the last 4 years has been expanding in other countries where they pay much less to their workers. Services that are provided here (1004 and others) are made with labour in countries like Morocco and Peru with more precarious conditions to those here (about 280 € per month, much longer working hours than the 39 we have). Those from Morocco say that they are forced to change their name when answering a call (usually to names like Manuel or Fatima). What a beautiful hypocrite company we have! 

Now comes the stock offer for next month, Telefónica aims to sell off more than 50% after valuing it at about one billion euros. What can this mean?, By the experience that we know this all will result in much more massive layoffs and most will be camouflaged in false EREs (downsizing plans).
This union encouragew you to self-organize in assemblies to defend what is yours. At all times you will have our solidarity and support. For CNT, it is you who work, it is you who decides!  

Health to those who fight!
CNT-AIT Union Atento-Madrid

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