ZSP in Full Job, Direct Post, Demands Pay and Improvements for Workers Anonim, śr., 08/07/2013 - 16:59

Members of ZSP in Full Job and Direct Post will take action about the situation of mail delivers working for Direct Post through the Full Job agency. The workers are not paid on time and get small, irregular salaries. Direct Post uses workers who are paid by the amount delivered through this agency, Full Job has different reasons for paying late, usually telling different workers different things. One pretext they give is claiming that Direct Post has not paid them yet.

ZSP is organizing and have listed some demands. The first is that Direct Post should directly hire the workers. But as long as it uses Full Job, it should pay on time. And Full Job, which naturally sends workers to other companies as well, must pay workers on time. The problem of late payments should not be made the workers' problem.

A protest is planned at Full Job agency.

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