Solidarity Action for Foundation Workers

On June 8 an informational-solidarity action was held in support of the comrades fighting for direct employment and decent working conditions at the Heinrich-Böll Foundation in Berlin. The comrades of the FAU Education Union have started a conflict with the Foundation over the issue and we support the demands. (More information here. )

The action took place at a conference which is being sponsored by the Foundation. We handed out leaflets to the people there, most of whom expressed interest and even support for the issue. We found that some people had already emailed friends links to the information we had put on the internet. We also went up to a women from the Polish branch of the Foundation, explaining our action. Unfortunately, she seemed to believe that we "must be mistaken" and did not believe there was any conflict in the Foundation. But we drew everybody's attention to the text of FAU, which was also on our leaflets.

With this action we hope to make the Foundation aware that we take this issue seriously and will hold them to task, to ensure an end to precarious working conditions there and that they provide everybody with a decent salary.

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