Leaflets and Posters in Solidarity with Capgemini Workers

As part of IWA International Days of Action against dismissals and unemployment, we reminded workers of Capgemini Poland about the struggle of their Spanish colleagues against a redunancy plan which will affect hundreds of workers. Posters were hung around the office and leaflets given out to the people in the office building and passersby. We also reminded workers of the fact that they can be treated as disposable by companies like this and that instead of competing against each other in the race to the bottom, we need to organize ourselves and build global solidarity.
Solidarity with those in struggle in Capgemini!
Send an e-mail protest and support the workers against downsizing: http://www.zsp.net.pl/support-capgemini-workers-spain-against-downsizing
Report on a recent day of action: http://www.zsp.net.pl/cnt-ait-solidarity-capgemini-workers

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