Anti-capitalist Picket and Happening

On June 11, members of the ZSP and the Anarchist Federation in Warsaw held an anti-capitalist action in Warsaw.

The action started off with a rather funny happening. People who pretended to be business representatives and representatives of the interests of the G8 presented their capitalist visions in a quite funny way, based on the absurdities of Polish turbo-capitalism and neoliberal dogma. They explained to the crowd how the current system of work is "inefficient" and how, in order to boast "economic growth" changes have to be made. In real life, the government is again undoing the labor law and introducing horrible changes in the name of "greater flexibility". In the happening, the capitalists just took things a few steps further but with such outrageous statements that people could not help but laugh.

The anticapitalists eventually appeared and got rid of the capitalist scum and made some speeches. Also information was spread about what was happening in the anti-capitalist protests against the G8.

Leaflets and papers were distributed. People also could get a free meal. The "capitalists" had proposed that people get paid in rice instead of money (since as everyone in Poland is brainwashed to people, if you "get too much" you don't work hard) so they had rice on hand. The rice was later distributed to poor and homeless people, which are becoming so much more common on the streets of Warsaw.
Poland is very strongly in the hold of the right-wing these days, but we managed to make a lot of people laugh at the absurdity of some typical neoliberal dogma

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