As you know, on March 14, at the height of the protests, the unions present in the Intercentros Committee were summoned to accept or reject the mediator's proposal. Previously, on the 12th, the company had been pressuring unions to sign it and the CNT and the CESHA took the decision to hold strikes on the 25-27 of March to have the possibility to continue to pressure the company, fiven that it seems barbaric to us to cut the staff by 3,141 people and to make abusive cuts for the remaining staff. Not to mention that, in our opinion, this phase is only one more in the strategy og IAF to dismantle Iberia, leaving only one company as leader of the group.

Lamentably, a good part of the unions summoned signed. CESHA and CNT decided to maintain the protests and to see if any unions did not sign and would join or those who were not called because they were not in the Intercentros Committee, like the workers of the different workplaces and delegations.

We have seen that, for different reasons (interests, fear, impotence), that the signing of the agreement and the campaign that the signatories have carried out, has deactivated the opposition movement in a very important way. They have missed a unique and historic occasion to stop an agression of historic scale with the unity and strength of all the unions, all the workers and collectives of Iberia.

In these circumstances, CNT and CESHA concluded that it is best to call off these days of strike. However, we continue believing that it was a grave error to sign this agreement and to continue to degrade our working conditions and cut workplaces. We will try to rebuild the movement, capable of facing new agressions and layoffs. We must not let our guard down and recover the maximum unity.  

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