Education workers’ strike in Slovakia after two weeks – global solidarity welcome!

See Priama akcia's summary of the strike.

Protest actions in front of Slovak institutions abroad are more than welcome – preferably this week!

You can send an e-mail directly via the e-form on the Priama akcia website.

The strike is unprecedented in the Slovak history. We are astonished by and filled with huge respect to the workers because of the level of their self-organization. We think this should be supported by all means worldwide!

How to express solidarity in the most effective way
1. Organize a protest action in front of Slovak institutions (embassies, consulates, cultural institutions etc.) and hand in a protest letter
2. Send faxes/e-mails to OZ PŠaV and authorities in Slovakia
3. Send a solidarity message to our e-mail so we can translate it and spread it to the striking workers

When to do it? Preferably this week.

Slovak embassies in your countries
http://www.foreign.gov.sk/sk/cestovanie_a_konzularne_info/staty_sveta (only in Slovak)
Slovak authorities (the president, the government, the parliament, the ministries of education and finance) kami@minedu.sk, kancmin@minedu.sk, minister@mfsr.sk, tlacove@mfsr.sk, staznosti@mfsr.sk, info@vlada.gov.sk, urad@vlada.gov.sk, podatelna@vlada.gov.sk, informacie@prezident.sk, info@nrsr.sk
Union officials ondek@ozpsav.sk, sary@ozpsav.sk, matak@ozpsav.sk, haban@ozpsav.sk, luzak@ozpsav.sk, dubekova@ozpsav.sk

Model text for the protest letter/e-mail/fax to the Slovak institutions abroad and Slovak authorities:
Vieme o tom, že práve teraz prebieha na Slovensku štrajk pracovníkov v školstve.
Odmietame ponižujúce navýšenie miezd o 5% a naďalej požadujeme splnenie pôvodných
požiadaviek Odborového zväzu PŠaV.
Nesúhlasíme s nátlakom, ktorý zaznamenali štrajkujúci pracovníci zo strany úradov.
O postoji, ktorý zaujali slovenské úrady voči pracovníkom v školstve, budeme informovať ľudí v tejto krajine.
Očakávame od Vás odpoveď na tento protest.
Name of the organization
We know there is an ongoing strike in the education sector in Slovakia. We strongly reject the 5% wage increase, which we find humiliating, and demand that the initial demands of the Trade Union of Workers in Education and Science (OZ PŠaV) are fulfilled.
We disapprove the pressure the authorities have excercised against the striking workers.
We will inform people in this country about the attitude of Slovak authorities towards the education workers. We expect your reply to this protest.
Model text for the protest e-mail to OZ PŠaV
You can send an e-mail directly via the e-form on our website.
Send a solidarity message to our e-mail so we can translate it and spread it to the striking workers Write a short e-mail to priamaakcia (at)p riamaakcia (dot) sk to morally support the striking workers.

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