Report Back from the USI-AIT Centenary and IWA Plenary

From Nov. 23-25, in Modena, Italy, the birthplace of the USI-AIT, the IWA Plenary took place. On Saturday there were also events related to the centenary of the founding of USI-AIT. Delegates attended from Europe and S. America to represent their sections at the Plenary and to join in the celebration of our sister union.

The Plenary mostly dealt with organizational matters but also set various mobilizations for the upcoming year. So starting in the spring, we can expect various coordinated actions to take place around different issues. The work of the Plenary went quite smoothly, so there was no problem to break early on Saturday to go celebrate the centenary of USI.
Founded in 1912, USI has had a proud history of fighting workplace struggles and played an important role in fighting against fascism. After delegalization by the fascists and murderous repression, USI, which never stopped functioning, came back and now is very active in several sectors, most notably in health care.
In the late afternoon, a demonstration gathered on the 1st of May Square and marched through the city to the main square. People shouted "Long live USI", "Union, Action and Self-Management", "General Strike" and other slogans, even in other languages. On the square, speeches were given on the state of the workers' struggle, anarcho-syndicalism and the IWA, amongst other things. Guests from other countries also spoke in different languages. After some time, the demonstration went back through the street, with comrades singing revolutionary anarchist songs.
Afterwards there was a meal and concert.
This event was only a half day, as the Plenary was also going on. Earlier in the year, USI organized other events, including a longer celebration in Milan related to the Centenary.
The organizers of the Plenary and its participants had a good time and look forward to fruitful work at the Congress which will take place next year.


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