Solidarity Decleration by FAU Nuremburg about the refugees on hunger strike in Wurzburg

Since March 19, 10 immigrants from Iran are carrying out a hunger strike in Wurzburg against Germany's inhuman asylum policy and against the living conditions in their refugee camp. There, they have been on hunger strike for 17 days.
But Wurzburg ist just one example of Europe's racist internment and attrition policy. A law on how to treat asylum seekers in Bavaria says that the internment in camps should “support the will of asylum seekers to return back to their motherlands”.
For us, all humans have the right to move anywhere they want. Further more, we think that descent based selections are illegitimate and we reject the division of the world into national states. This is why we declare our solidarity with these refugees and their claims.
No human is illegal!                  faunbg.blogsport.de

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