Death is a Master from Germany

Fierce antifascist demonstration against NSU terror and secret service's entanglements

Under the headline “Death is a Master from Germany”, there was a demonstration in Hamburg on January, 28. About 5000 people followed the call of a vast alliance of antifascist organisations. Five groups, among them the anarchosyndicalist Freie ArbeiterInnen Union (FAU) Hamburg, published their own call for this event. Here is an after action review.

The call scandalizes the fact, that for 13 years long Nazis from Thuringia were travelling through Germany undisturbed while they robbed banks, laid bombs and murdered innocents. And that the homicides of the terror cell “Nationalsozialistischer Untergrund” (NSU) have only been revealed accidentally after the death of two Nazis in November 2011.

“In this context, the behaviour of the German secret service is shocking and words as “failure” are apparently too weak to describe their behaviour. The agency, as we know now, has been massively entangled in the terror of the NSU”.

Besides the claim for “a dignified commemoration of the Nazi terror's victims, families and friends”, the entanglement of Germany's secret service and other agencies needs to be revealed and: “the final abolishment of Germany”.

Demonstration without police trouble

The demonstration wasn't allowed to move through Mönkebergstraße, but along the Jungfernstieg into the direction of Dammtorbahnhof. In opposite to demonstrations before, the police clearly backed off. No stopping, no cordon. Speakers of the demonstration pointed out: “that the police of Hamburg, in opposite to their common habit, clearly backed off and the demonstration was able to reach its' end. Although the police in Hamburg is used to act menacingly, this time they did not act unlawfully, which they usually do”.

Hamburg's radio station FSK broadcasted a discussion afterwards in which organizers and journalists drew a conclusion of the event. They stressed the fact, that all speeches broached the issue and its aftermath very well. Concerning the issue, one participant criticized the small number of people, in particular the small number of immigrants who took part in the demonstration. In her opinion, one reason for that are slogans such as “Abolish Germany”, which might had been incomprehensible for people around the victims of the NSU. In fact, the environment of NSU victims have not been integrated so far.

Members of FAU Hamburg showed themselves surprised about discussions of their maximum claim “Abolish Germany”. In a statement for Graswurzelrevolution they say: “The preliminary meeting was an exclusive meeting of  radical leftist groups. To accuse radical leftist groups of writing radical leftist calls is absurd. There is no liberal-left spectrum in this society who is able to organize a demonstration after such a scandal. Instead of that, they ask the radical left wing for a more moderate behaviour, which demonstrates the misery of the conditions in Germany very well.”

Source: Graswurzelrevolution March 2012/367

For more informations about Nazi terror in Germany, see: The Guardian. How could German neo-Nazi killers have evaded police for 13 years?

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