[CNT-Zaragoza] A step forward for the resolution of the conflict of the child care attendants

The CNT from Zaragoza reports that in recent days an agreement was reached that would oblige the reinstatement of the child care attendants who were dismissed at the beginning of the present school year and filed a lawsuit. The reinstatement is effective starting in September (the beginning of the 2012-13 school year).

The most significant aspects are the following:

- There was a transfer of the contract between EULEN company and MT Educational Services, so it will be the latter who provides these services next school year.

- An agreement was signed with MT for each individual worker which filed suit (about 80 out of 103) in which the company promised the following:
  •  Reinstatement of all the workers at the beginning of the 2012-2013 school year (in September) in the school they were working until they were fired .
  •  A permanent seasonal contact for all, instead of a specific work or service contract that they had until now.
  •  Recognition of the accumulated seniority for each worker, which had been denied until now, and which in some cases is even 10 years long.
In exchange, the workers resign from the court cases and give up the salaries from this year, at the expensive of the effective implementation of the agreement.

The CNT as well as the affected workers view this new situation positively, considering that it would have been impossible to achieve this without the efforts, cohesion and mobilization of those affected but, it is prudent that we do not end the conflict until the agreement with MT is enforced in September and each workers is back at her job.

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