Blockade of Adecco Office in Opole

On February 21, activists from ZSP and the Fabryka collective blocked the entrance to the ADECCO office in protest of their practices and in solidarity with the striking workers of EULEN-ABB in Cordoba who EUROCEN (part of ADECCO) replaced.

The office was blocked and people told about the struggle of the factory workers in Spain and about the problems of temporary work in general. Ironically, the ADECCO office is located next to the regional office of Solidarity union... which has sometimes taken very bad positions in relation to agency workers. So we also made sure to talk about how temp workers and other precarious parts of the workforce are ignored by the mainstream unions and how they had better organize themselves without professional unionists and bureaucrats.

Two comrades from ZSP went in to discuss the situation with the people in ADECCO, who naturally claimed that it is „not their fault” and they would inform the main office of the action. They demanded that we leave and called the police on us. About 20 minutes later two big police vans came, looked at us but then drove away without intervening. So we continued. Since ADECCO was in a good location, with a busy bus stop across the street, there were many people listening and reading leaflets about the situation. The mainstream media also interviewed us about the situation.

Opole is the Polish capital of temporary agencies, mostly sending workers abroad, and almost everybody knows of somebody who has had problems with temporary work, so the local people who are very effected by high unemployment and precarious working conditions were quite interested in the protest.

ZSP informed ADECCO that they should expect to see us again with unannounced visits in other cities and that our comrades would be doing the same around the world.

(Videos from the action and information from the media are posted in the media section of the page in Polish, here and here )

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