Protests against Closure of Public Schools

ZSP strongly condemns the closure of public schools around Warsaw and calls for more protests against the city government and direct action! On January 31, it took part in two protests in Praga called by parents, teachers and pupils and we will try to mobilize public support for further action. One of the protests saw some of the students and teachers of a lyceum decide to march on to the local council. Once there we demanded to see the mayor, who just responded with bullshit. ZSP will protest at the City Council on Thursday and calls for public opposition to the plans. It also will discuss ideas for direct action with our neighbours and push for the idea of the occupation of the schools, keeping them open at night and turning them into public spaces of popular resistance.

Photos from today's actions: http://zspwawa.blogspot.com/2012/01/protest-against-liquidations-of-scho...

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