[EULEN-ABB Strike] CNT is Claiming more than 200,000 euros in Salary Differences

The striking workers are claiming more than 200,000 euros in differences between the collective agreement for transportation and for metal workers.  The striking workers, who provided services for ABB through EULEN, were getting paid according to the Collective Agreement for Road Transport, not at all related to the activity performed. The only reason for this was so that ABB could apply worse working conditions and lower salaries. The CNT brought a claim against this 2 years ago. The Labour Court nº 2 decided that it should have applied the collective agreement for metal workers, as the workers claimed. The decision is not yet binding as EULEN has tried to draw out the case and delay paying the difference. We think that the next verdict of the Supreme Court of Andalucia will be favorable for the workers, which is one of the reasons that EULEN was replaced by ADECCO, with the goal of continuing to avoid applying the correct agreement to the staff and to ignore these claims that would eventually affect the cost of service for ABB.  Now they will present claims to the Mediation, Arbitration y Concilliation Service for more than € 75,000 related to pay from 2010. They total sums from 2009-2010 reach over €200,000. 

We note that the one responsible for all this is ABB, responsible for the working conditions of its contracts. And we also advise the workers of ADECCO that they should be paid according to the collective agreement for metal workers.  It could be that the scabbing maneouvres of ABB turn out to be very expensive.

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