Boycott Election Actions

Elections are approaching and ZSP is calling for a boycott. We are against representative democracy and encourage people to take matters into their own hands by building grassroots movements and fighting for their interests and the right to manage society at all levels themselves.

For the past few weeks we have had leafleting actions at least twice a week and have been spreading propaganda around the country. On Oct. 1, there was also a happening in Warsaw with music and street games. There a lot of people showed what they really think of politicians, coming and punching or throwing objects at pictures of them which we had displayed. Besides knocking down the politicians, other games included kicking the government around and throwing the parties into the dustbin of history.

ZSP however always explains that just complaining and boycotting the elections is simply not enough to change the situation. We invite people to get active and organize their anger!
Some photos of the action are here.

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