29S -The struggle is in the street, towards a general strike!

Various union organisations and social movements release a schedule of joint mobilisations leading towards a general strike.
Throughout summer, various union organisations across the federalist sphere – such as the CGT, CNT, COBAS, CSC and Solidaridad Obrera – have held various meetings in order to put into motion a mobilised response, based on the unity of action and class, towards the end of a General Strike against the cuts and loss of rights put in place by both the government and European institutions and upon the orders of the bosses and the markets.
With the deepening of the cuts, reforms and attacks against workers throughout this summer, coupled with the disinclination of the institutional unions to offer a real and necessary response to them, we reiterate that we’re convinced that the moment has arrived to go out on the streets and say, “ENOUGH!” – putting in motion, with no further delay, the push towards a general strike that has the capacity to confront the current capitalist offensive as well as advancing the seizure of new social rights.

To this end - following the most recent meeting of union organisations on 2 Sept - we call for a day of action on the 29th under the slogan of “THE STRUGGLE IS IN THE STREETS – TOWARDS A GENERAL STRIKE”; to which we openly invite all union organisations, workers’ collectives and social movements from all regions and sectors who want to make this callout their own and break with the CCOO’s and UGT’s policies of social partnership and demobilisation.
This process has already begun, including – as it did in the most recent meeting – the participation of various local and industrial organisations such as ASSI Zaragoza, Sindicato Asambleario de Sanidad de Madrid and the working group for the General Strike from 15M Madrid, and we now want to extend the call to any union organisation from any region or background which shares the necessity to build for the mobilisation towards a general strike on these premises.
To this end, next 17 Sept will see another meeting with a variety of union organisations, with the intention of broadening the unified and necessary class-based response and the aim of continuing to unify our efforts for a workers’ solution to the crisis, working together to prepare a general strike.
To this end, next 24 Sept we will hold a public debate, streamed over the internet, between various union organisations, about the current situation of the working class, the responses and the alternatives to be developed.
We call on workers – be they employed or unemployed – students, all those who are affected by the cuts to public services, the social movements, those in the square and neighbourhood assemblies who share the need to mobilise for a general strike, to participate in and take ownership of this callout, to come out onto the streets on 29S, to spread the word in workplaces, neighbourhoods and towns, in order to make it effective and real throughout different localities and regions.
Similarly, we call on people to support the previously announced mobilisations by education workers and public health workers.
29S – the struggle is in the streets – towards a general strike!

Translation:  www.solfed.org.uk

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