CNT Valladolid Begins a Campaign in the Construction Sector

- CNT denounces the systematic violation of the collective agreement for contracted and subcontracted construction workers
- The campaign attacks issues ranging from piecework to insufficient risk prevention and non-payment in the worst cases.
- From CNT provides guidelines on how to address violations of the law.

"In construction, don't be cheated!". The CNT Valladolid begins its campaign in the construction sector in this direct manner. The union is calling attention to the way the crisis is affecting a sector it has hit hard. In the words of the Secretary of Union Action, "We are increasing worker consultation in this sector. And they all have one thing common: the total breach of the collective agreement and the law regulating working conditions in the sector."

The construction sector is the third largest sector employing workers, even despite the crisis in the province of Valladolid. But although it employed 100,300 people in Castilla and Leon in the last quarter, this has fallen by 10% since the previous one. That's 7% higher than the total figure for Spain. Which means that the sector in Castilla y León is having a major setback.

As a result of this fall in the sector, the contractors (large companies such as Ferrovial, Sacyr, Dragados ...) put pressure on small builders or subcontractors to lower their prices. They contract out to small construction companies which have no qualms about violating the agreement on pay, prevention of occupational risks and rights. Both the contractors and subcontractors are responsible for these irregularities since the ultimate goal is to maximize profits at the cost of reducing workers' rights.

The CNT reports that the construction industry is becoming precarious to unsustainable levels. "We have identified how piece rates are the yardstick in construction; if you work you have to accept them. Piecework is used to mask the semi-slavery, because they fix or agree a price that does not reach the base salary in the collective agreement even if you work 12 hours a day. Assuming a 50% longer working day and a pay cut of 33%. Ultimately working more and earning less."

It is for these reasons that the CNT has decided to equip workers with useful tools to enable them to solve the endemic problems of the sector. Spreading the anarchosyndicalist approach to the worksites. "Making an important call for the unity of workers, to achieve, for now, the enforcement of minimum as in the collective agreement," concluded the Secretary of Union Action.

The CNT designed the campaign to give workers the knowledge of the basics of the legislation to enforce. CNT has found that most construction workers do not know how to enforce their rights. "This is because of the insecurity generated by the crisis and of course the failure of obsolete trade unionism that is more concerned about subsidies than the workers' demands."

Finally CNT calls for the organization of workers in assemblies and unions which truly defend their rights in the construction sector.

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