OTTO Workers from Wago Elwag Paid Missing Wages

A couple of women employed to work in the Wago Elwag factory in Wroclaw did not receive their proper payment for all the hours worked when they received their first salary. They quit the job and decided to do something about the situation. At first OTTO gave them the run around. Later we spoke to a manager at OTTO during our protest in Wroclaw. She claimed that workers in the factory were doing piece work and only were paid for what they produced - however we pointed out that the contracts were just for 40 hours a week at a certain wage per hour. They workers received their payment a few days later and ZSP is trying to make sure there are not other workers in the factory with similar problems. We also encourage both OTTO workers in general, as well as the people in the factory, to organize themselves to avoid similar incidents of abuse.

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