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Situation of Injured Worker on Sick Leave

Maciej  was injured on the job while working in Belgium through OTTO Workforce. He was supposed to be covered by Dutch insurance, since he was working through a Dutch company and living in Holland and this insurance should then be transferred and valid in Poland. But the company had informed the Dutch insurer that Maciej was no longer an employee the day after he went on sick leave and, when he returned to Poland, he found he was not insured, had medical bills and was not getting paid for sick leave.

Thanks to our intervention, Maciej received some payment and is getting his medical bills covered. But the situation is not too good now.

Firstly, there is a dispute about the amount of money he should have been paid for sick leave – our calculations say it should be higher. Secondly, as a temporary worker, his contract is coming to an end now. If he were not on sick leave, we assume that it would be extended, but for the work agencies, workers are disposable.

According to Dutch law, which is applicable in this case, Maciej should be entitled to get money for sick leave from social security (UWV) even if his employment has ended, but this is depends on OTTO clarifying his status.

We demand that OTTO ensure that everything is regulating and not try to get out of responsibility.


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