Summary of the First Week of the Strike

After the move that Serikat staff was forced to suffer and the expulsion of a comrade from Cast-Info, all devised by the Department and directed by Informatica El Corte Ingles (IECISA), we responded with a complaint to the Ombudsman for breach of the working conditions.

Due to the serious problems that we had because of this clear act of reprisals against our union, the sole aim of which was to conceal the illegal transfer of workers at all costs, the union section decided to strike from June 20-28 as another measure for legitimate recognition.

It's been a busy week, but this is a brief summary:

Monday the 20th - First day of the strike: At 8 am we were at the gates of the Department of Territory and Sustainability at Avinguda Josep Tarradellas 2-4-6 with our banner and handed out about 600 leaflets informing people of the situation. As the strike committee, we went in to ensure that they were not replacing us and we saw some irregularities, unknown people, technicians, entering one hour before, IT workers sitting at our workstations. (We recall that the Department had asked for our stations to relocate staff from the Environment and Housing divisions). So while two comrades directed us to the Labour Inspectorate, the rest were moved to the offices of Informática El Corte English (IECISA) C / Gran Via, 613.

By midmorning, after informing the inspector on duty of all the irregularities, the comrades from Serikat outside the branch union and the strike informed us that Informática El Corte Inglés (IECISA) had terminated the contract with Serikat.  The first day of the strike, and it rescinded the contract, causing that 5 colleagues may be remove from the project for the Department. The Department and Informática El Corte Inglés (IECISA) could not allow themselves to be stood up to!

The current situation is that the Department has been left without almost 60% of workers in the divion of Infrastructure Management, but everyone knows that customer service does not matter. The important thing is to work as a team against the 3 rebels who have denounced the dark interests and irregularities that are behind the lucrative outsourcing.

Tuesday the 21st - Second day of the strike: First thing in the morning we deliver all the documentation required in Labour Inspectorate and took the opportunity to open a couple more inspections that we had pending. Then we moved to the Department to exercise the strike committee, but we were denied entry to our workplace despite identifying ourselves as the strike committee and reporting the rights that this entails. Again something for the labour inspection!

Wednesday  the 22nd -  The third day of  the strike: At 8:00 we returned and were again prohibited from entering into the workplace. We were surprised to see other people besides us coming at 8:00 o'clock and telling us that we no longer have network access and that all our work has been delegated to outsourced workers! Given the seriousness of the situation: the replacement of strikers and assuming that we will not return to provide service to the Department, we return again to inform the Labour Inspectorate and the inspector on duty decides to prepare a meeting for tomorrow with all the parties involved.

Thursday the 23rd - The fourth day of the strike: at 8:00 the meeting starts with the Deputy Director of HR, responsible for Labour and Trade Unions, Technical Manager of the Technical Department (ITTC), the union section, an adviser to the CNT and the inspector on duty. Some of the many curiosities that one might hear were:

* The Department sent a letter informing IECISA about the need to cut  some workplaces, but did not inform that were subcontracted out. Neither knew we detail why it chose IECISA and not any of the other companies. They could not answer why they failed to comply with the agreement, paragraph 4 of Lot 2, which specifies that the job must be done from the Department's facilities.
* To point out that our work requires the presence on the premises (needs a CD, documentation, access to the server room, etc.) and therefore the only reason was to repress us at all costs, saying that the decision came from a technical recommendation by CTTI which said we could do the job remotely (CTTI, the IT management prepared the job specifications and fails to comply with it, is also unable identify the technical profiles).
* The Department mentioned the requirement of the host headquarters at Tarradellas Av (4 sites on the 3 different floors?), our reply that 2 comrades had also been moved to the office at C / Arago was met with a resounding silence.
* The Department attempted to wash their hands of what was happening (60% of the workforce was out) claiming that they hire a service, not staff, did not know that answer when we reminded them  that in the Technical Specification of the agreement, Lot 2,  the number of workers for each profile is provided, specifically 4 OS technicians, 2 Database Administrators, 1 Web  Technician, 1 Communications Technician, 1 GIS Technician and 2 operators.

After the meeting, we appeared on two of the floors where we were providing service, the Inspector could see how our at our work stations there were not IT people from the Environmental division  but from IECISA. We could also show how all the tasks of the strikers which were allocated to them and until the first day of the strike, much of them had been resolved by staff which did not belong to our group.

Enough union repression!


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