On June 3, again  our rights as workers were trampled on, when at the beginning of the workday, our comrades from the mailroom were denied entry to the building of the company Claro (Terrero 2255, Buenos Aires). This attitude of the company generated the support of other colleagues who left the building en masse to seek an explanation.  This caused that all workers were allowed to enter the building. There senior staff and outsourcers appeared to communicate the termination and once inside, these comrades were told that they had been dismissed due to the fact that "the task that they had would be carried out by another company".As background to the dismissal, in the week prior to these events, the others had noticed a drop in the normal work flow, learning that it was headed to another outsourced company. Since then clarification was requested by email to superiors, but it was never given.

To be clear, two of the four union delegates worked in the sector that is closed, who will be relocated to other tasks.

Seeing the outcome of the facts, today a meeting was called to demand IMMEDIATE REINSTATEMENT OF THE 7 COMRADES DISMISSED AND GUARANTEE OF THE EXISTING JOBS. We can not forget the persecution of our delegates from the start of their function. Who have had their work mail boxes  blocked since December 2010, a tool we used to channel concerns and socialize our demands. And  these events were triggered after our repeated requests for a pay raise.
As outsourced employees of the companies Sesa Internacional SA and Market Line SA,  we believe this is another step in a series of actions that aim to gradually vacate the sector, the ONLY building in the company with has organized unions.


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