More than 2000 on Demonstration Against Interior Ministers' Conference (IMK)

More than 2000 people followed the call from various groups and alliances to “Disband the IMK!” on June 22 in Frankfurt am Main. This is a great success for a day in the middle of the week when people usually have to work.

Accompanied by a large contingent of masked police in uniforms, concentrated in Frankfurt from various German federal states (probably the most modern army to fight rebellions) the demonstration went loudly and cheerfully through the city centre, holding speeches in several locations.

The topics included the fortress Europe, migration and social exclusion, new control mechanisms, anti-terror laws, criminalization of migrant organisations, locational competition, wage and social-dumping, the exploitation of humans without legal papers, the discrimination of sex-workers and – due to the anniversary – the attack of the Nazis on Russia.

Trams were redirected or stopped and the streets of the citys centre completely closed, hours before the demonstration began. Frankfurt turned into a manoeuvre location for the department of the interior's military units. Additionally and not very surprisingly, undercover agent provocateurs had to be fiercely thrown out of the demonstration.

The authorities at the Department of the Interior felt provoked from protests against the conference and its policy of bulkheading and rearmament against social conflicts inside of Germany. Protesters had been criminalized for weeks. Besides some well known cases, people who spread stickers and posters, were hunted down in an organized manner.

If those measures were targeted at stopping the mobilization against the IMK, the opposite happened. And they couldn't stop 20.000 Frankfurter Schundschau newspapers from being spread throughout Frankfurt.

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