The CNT Called a Strike in the Department of Territory and Sustainability

- The CNT has called for a week of strikes in the division of Infrastructure Management in the Department of Territory and Sustainability to protest the illegal subcontracting of workers.
- The Department has moved members of our union branch to another workplace in a clear attempt to hide the situation.
- The illegal subcontracting of workers in the public administration involves the wasting of millions of euros of public money.

The CNT has called a week-long strike between June 20-27 in the division of Infrastructure Management in the Department of Territory and Sustainibility to protest the illegal subcontracting of workers. Under the management of the public CTTI (Center of Telecommunications and IT), the Department of Territory has given over the maintenance of the infrastructure to a company which in turn is limited to using workers through other companies in this sector. This has enabled the illegal assignment of workers through different companies which form a chain of subcontractors, pocketing a significant amount of public resources.

The CNT brought a suit against the Department in recent months, demanding an immediate solution to the problem. Far from being receptive, the management of the Department have refused to take a clear position on the matter. In fact, the situation has begun to look worrying in recent weeks, with the sudden decision of the Department to transfer subcontracted workers who are members of our union section of the workplace, without changing their functions, which represents a clear attempt to mask the reality of what is currently going on in the division of Infrastructure Management.
In addition to being a violation of the rights of the workers, particularly severe in the case of the Generalitat, this practice of outsourcing and illegal assignment of the workers is a serious waste of public money that ends up in the coffers of such companies that do not have any function other than hiring workers. Specifically, the tender in the division of Infrastructure Management was won by the company with the most expensive offer (€ 2,195,907), with an annual cost of € 81,329 per worker. Some workers do not receive a even a quarter of this figure while subcontracting companies divide up the difference.

The irregularities in the recruitment of IT staff have already been publicly denounced by Pilar Pifarré, current Secretary of Administration and Civil Service, in 2010, declaring, with respect to the way of hiring in CTTI that "If anyone knows the law, they know that this all is quite irregular, another thing is what "passes" for norms and laws "[1]. However, now in the government, CiU (Convergence and Union party) has declined to take a position. For all these reasons, our union requires the Department to end the illegal practice of outsourcing and the precarization of public administration workers, considering it is completely unacceptable to continue with a policy of cuts while refusing to maintain reasonable and efficient staffing, more austere in budgetary terms.

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[1] http://www.ciu.cat/fitxa_salapremsa.php?news_ID=23332

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