CNT Barcelona Rally in front of Vodafone Headquarters

In the context of the open conflict with the company INTERNITY, a distributor of Vodafone, the CNT in Barcelona held a rally at Vodafone's headquarters to demand the reinstatement of our union delegate and denounce the repressive policy of INTERNITY against workers who demand that their rights be fulfilled. During the rally, a banner was unfurled and leaflets were distributed to all workers, pedestrians and store customers explaining the abuses that the workers of INTERNITY have to suffer on a daily basis.

Throughout the conflict, Vodafone has refused to find a solution to the serious impediments to trade union activity in INTERNITY. A situation of repression in which Vodafone benefits by getting large returns through distributors and their nefarious practices, squeezing workers and neglecting the quality of service. Moreover, it breaches the policy of corporate social responsibility which VODAFONE boasts of.

The CNT  considers the dismissal of union delegates and members as particularly serious trade union repression and, moreover, as a direct attack on the union,  which we oppose with all our might. So we appeal to the workers of Barcelona not to buy in the shops of this chain, until its management demonstrates a minimum of decency and respect for the rights of their employees.


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