[Compostela] The Dismissals of the two comrade IT Workers by Tecnocom is Declared Invalid

On the 4th of May there was the court case about the 2 comrade IT workers from the CNT in SIEGA (IT Service of the Council of Education) who were dismissed from the Xunta de Galicia (Council of the Autonomous Community), carried out through Tecnocom. The court declared the dismissals invalid and obliged the company to reinstate them immediately. This opens the hope that it will decide that the workers were illegally outsourced in September 2009. 

The CNT has again won a case against the Xunta de Galicia, demonstrating again the repression that the  Xunta de Galicia and the companies exercise against workers who decide to demand their rights. The CNT will contrinue to defend their rights. NO to privatization, NO to dismissals in the Xunta de Galicia.


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