First Electronic Saleswomen Appear in Warsaw OBI; Workers Speak about Discrimination of Women in Chain

Yesterday ZSP members who went to one OBI store in Warsaw found it closed for stock-taking. Today, in the store we found that OBI has started introducing electonic salespeople in Warsaw.

To remind readers, workers in OBI in Krakow were being psychologically pressured and threatened with eventual replacement by "electronic salespeople". Some of them want to take action against their introduction. We were surprised to learn that they are already now a reality. 

ZSP will campaign against the replacement of real people by these computerized dolls. On Wednesday we are picketing against the repression of unionists in OBI and for the improvement of working conditions. We will now also be sure to take some action about the "electrosalespeople" and draw people's awareness to their significance.

In the meanwhile, it is coming to light that in OBI, pay discrimination against women is basically the norm. We will be trying to document this. The mainstream unions which operate in a few stores in the chain announced that they will start fighting for raises for the employees and the eliminate this discrimination.


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