CNT: Communique against the Militarization of the Airports

Delegates to the Tenth Congress of the National Confederation of Labour (CNT), which is being held in Cordoba from the 4- 8 of December, show our concern about the decree proclaimed by the government  establishing constitutional legal concept of the State of Emergency. This means removing certain civil rights in favor of the military and putting civilian workers in their service using threats of bayonets and imprisonment.  These authoritarian measures that are taken to address a labour dispute, regardless of corporatism on this occasion, through Francist laws that  use the army as a tool against labor disputes, clearly show the hidden face of this bourgeois and fascist constitution.

Opening the way to confront a labor problem by resorting to the military reveals the true face of a government that, like all others, does not hesitate to take off its  democratic mask when it is unable to control a situation, showing its inability and ineptitude, while leaving it crystal clear which side the state and its laws is on: the side of the employers.

To this we show our most rebellious revulsion against the militarization of public services, which means accepting that industrial disputes be suppressed by the army and this only can be called DICTATORSHIP.

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