Direct Action against Gentrification and Eviction

On June 2, members of ZSP called for a direct action at a restaurant owned by a woman whose company speculates in real estate and is evicting people. A few people people from the Tenants Defense Committee, a woman who was going to get evicted on the 5th and some other supported went on Saturday night to picket the restaurant, calling on people to boycott it and 2 others co-owned by the speculator. On the morning of the 4th we were informed by the bailiff that the woman would not get evicted.

 The struggle against the eviction has been going on for a few months. In April, the first eviction attempt was blocked and following that, there was a protest and now this action. Members of the Tenants Defense Committee went with the tenant to city authorities to try and help, but were not successful. Therefore, people from ZSP called for direct action at the restaurants (where we here the working conditions are also not great). We will continue to do so until the speculator stops her actions.

More information / video: http://socialwarsaw.blogspot.com/2012/06/action-against-property-speculator.html

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