Action during Roche Corporate Meeting


On May 10, representatives of the Roche headquarters in Basel organized a meeting with Roche Polska workers in Warsaw. Since over 100 people attended, the meeting was held in a cinema in the shopping mall next to the Warsaw office. We were informed of the event so we organized an informational action.

First, leaflets were left in the cinema and posted around the shopping mall. Security was tight and it was difficult to stay in one place. Information about Roche practices were handed out also to people in the shopping mall and then posted in the neighbouring area between the mall and Roche offices.

We condemned the practices of the pharmaceutical giant and corporate greed in general, calling for decent working conditions and stable employment in that company.

The reaction of the shoppers was better than expected; many took leaflets and some expressed their disapproval or disgust at the corporation's practices.

No other action happened because of the very tight mall security around the venue, something quite unusual. (Perhaps they were expecting us.)

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