Break Adecco! Picket in Amsterdam

On February 17 a picket was held against Adecco, part of an international action day in soldiarity with the strikers in Cordoba.  Here is a brief report of the action.

We stood today with 10 people in a sunny Amsterdam enthusiastically demonstrating against Adecco. We have made ​​our demands known, a banner rolled out, distributing hundreds of flyers  and coffee. Through the megaphone we informed passersby about the dirty practices of Adecco and temp agencies in general, people who exploit and undermine labor rights. Our demands at a glance:

 * With this action we want to express our solidarity with the striking employees, and the CNT and we demand that Adecco withdraw from supplying strikebreakers.
* We also want to inform employees and temporary employees of Adecco about the role that agencies play in undermining the working conditions worldwide.
* We call on all Adecco agency workers not to be used as scabs!

We ended our action after an hour, when all the flyers were gone. Thanks to everyone who attendedWe found it inspiring to be part of an international day of action and send a solidarity greeting to all strikers, both in Cordoba as well as the striking cleaners here in the Netherlands.


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