ABB is trying to break the strike, breaking the contract with EULEN and using ADECCO to replace the strikers

EULEN has dismissed most of the strike committee in an attempt to crush it

ABB has impeded the striker committee's access to its facilities, alleging termination of the contract with EULEN and using the services of ADECCO - EUROCEN to cover the functions of the striking workers.

For its part EULEN dismissed 9 or the 12 members of the strike committee as of December 31, in an attempt to break the strike in a clear act of union repression. The workers also reported that the rest of the workers are being held hostage in a game of interests between ABB, EULEN and ADECCO, with which they are trying to divide the workers and aggravating the situation of uncertainty about their future.

Despite this, the workers have decided to continue united with the strike, considering that EULEN is no more than an intermediary of the main company, ABB, against which the strike has been called since the beginning since it is mainly responsible for the situation created for the workers in struggle.

The strike committee considers that ADECCO and the new workers contracted, which have started to render services, are used as strike breakers against the strike. This situation will be report to the court, just like was done with the other companies that previously intervened in this conflict.
The strikers also consider that the decision to fill the factory with inexperienced scabs, with the only objective of breaking the strike and acquiring cheaper labour with fewer rights, shows this multinational's contempt for work well done, quality and expertise of a staff with years of experience and also its contempt for the safety of its workers.

The striking workers perform work that requires great precision, with cranes and trolleys with transformers of great tonnage. Their replacement by workers without experience or qualifications can only endanger the security of the people and things in the ABB factory. This has already been communicated to the work council of ABB so that it takes appropriate measures.

The strike committee has called for a meeting with the work council of ABB for January 6 to address the situation created by the continuation of the strike and the scabbing by ADECCO on behalf of ABB.

Strike Committee - Workers of EULEN - ABB

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