ADA Equipment Rental - Opportunism and External Scabbing on the Part of ABB

The strike committee has obtained proof that employees of the company ADA - Construction Equipment Rental in Cordoba - are performing the normal duties of striking workers. This is a new act of external scabbing by ABB, which has been duly reported to the Labour Inspectorate.

It's shameful opportunism of such firms, who have no qualms about practicing the most blatant scabbing against workers, who have been on strike over 3 weeks.

With such attitudes, the company plunges into the conflict, so legal and union action will be taken to guarantee the right to strike.

If you want to send this company and those responsible your opinion about the scabbing, here is their web page, with contact form, and email.

ADA Aquiler de Maquinaria y Heramientas

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