The Libertarian Days !

The Local Union of Clermont-Ferrand (created in July 2010) organizes its first Libertarian Days ! The event will take place from the 14th to the 18th of November. Here is a short explaination of the different events :

-Monday the 14th : Anarchosyndicalism in Clermont-Ferrand
A debate presented by militants of our union. In a town which is clearly left-wing orientated, how do anarchosyndicalists struggle ? What are their proposols, and their concrete actions ?

-Tuesday the 15th : The situation in Tunisia under a historical perspective and under actuality's light
A debate presented by militants of CNT-AIT Toulouse. In October, some members of Toulouse CNT-AIT went into an international meeting in Tunisia. They will explain us what they saw, learned, and how their message was received.

-Wednesday the 16th : Lucio
With the presence of Lucio Urtubia. Projection of the movie "Lucio" about this Spanish anarchist who was bricklayer the day and counterfeiter the night. He falsified Citibank travelling checks for 20 millions of dollars... On these times of banks rescues, we will deal with concrete actions against capitalism.

-Thursday the 17th : The Sacco and Vanzetti Affair
Debate presented by R. Creagh (Historian and sociologist), who wrote a book about this affair. He will present the affair, and then we will deal with the lessons we can take, in these new times of capitalist crisis.

-Friday the 18th : Libertarian Bookfair
With the CNT-AIT "Les Cahiers de l'Anarchosyndicalisme", the Marseille CIRA (International Center of Research on Anarchism), la Gryffe, Tahin Party, the Anarchist Federation "Les Editions du Monde Libertaire".
And on evening, a concert in support of our union with punk, rap and dubstep music !


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