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OTTO Workforce Screws Injured Worker

The campaign to improve the treatment of people working for OTTO temporary agency continues. M. was working loading in Belgium where he got an industrial related injury (a hernia). While on leave in Poland, he was told by doctors that he needed to take sick leave but he was essentially dismissed (in temporary agencies this means the company says „we have no more work for you”). He is left with medical bills, has no insurance coverage in Poland and the company is giving him the run-around, refusing to deal with his case.

M. would be entitled to 91% of his pay while on sick leave – which for him is 1083,65 euros per month. The company should also help him resolve the issues with his medical insurance and find him a replacement job which does not require heavy lifting.

OTTO also has a habit of giving workers oral permission to have a few days off, but giving nothing in writing and then claiming that the employee left the job and breached the contract. In M.'s case, this was also suggested. Such a breach results in a 500 euro fine.

Instead of taking responsibility for the person injured at work, OTTO did everything just to get rid of him and leave him on his own. But he is not alone, and we will fight to get him his compensation!
M's situation is now quite serious as he does not have money for his medical bills. You can support him by sending a message to OTTO Workforce. We ask people to send an email and using the email form here or the model text below. Please act today!

Model Text
I am writing to protest the treatment of injured workers in OTTO Workforce! OTTO needs to report all industrial actions, make sure that workers can get medical treatment and compensation while on sick leave and give them a replacement job if they cannot physically perform their old one!
We demand that Maciej is helped immediately!
Workers are human beings, not disposable machines!

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