OBI Takes Revenge Against Union Activist; ZSP Organizes Pickets

When workers in OBI building supplies store in Krakow formed a (mainstream) union, the bosses answered with a union busting campaign, firing one of the main activists and (unsuccessfully) trying to fire another. The woman who was fired wound up working at a competitor chain, Leroy Merlin. We found out now that this woman was also fired from this job.... because the bosses at OBI sent a letter to the bosses at Leroy Merlin describing her union activity.

On Wednesday the dismissed unionist begins her court case against OBI. Workers in OBI, who are fighting against mobbing, anti-union and anti-worker tactics of the firm, ask for solidarity for their repressed colleague. On that day, ZSP will be holding informational actions at OBI shops in relation to this case and the working conditions throughout the chain. More workers, convinced that the bosses have no intent to address their concerns and demands are now interested in a direct action campaign at the stores.

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